Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Retro Rewind Presents Dela & Peaker@Speedqueen,The Warehouse, Leeds

After the very successful Leeds night Vague came the legendary Speedquen hosted at The Warehouse.Probably the most successful night of its time courtesy of Kaz & Suzy,Speedqueen filled the very large boots Vague had left.Great D.j,s and classy clientele ensured this night still runs today(although not as good!)Here we have my friends Dela & Peaker who were one of the first residents of Speedqueen.Awesome!!!

Dela&Peaker-Speedqueen 96-Side A MP3

Dela&Peaker-Speedqueen 96-Side B MP3

Monday, 17 August 2009

Wigan Pier Classics!

Asmo- Jam The Dance MP3

Andronicus-Make You Whole(Original Mix) MP3

Coming Out Crew-Free,Gay and Happy MP3

Sister Sledge-Lost In Music (Sure is Pure Remix) MP3

TC Berry 1992 MP3

Funktdory-Goodtime (Luv Dup remix) MP3

The Project feat Gerideau-Bring it Back To Love
(Chunked Up House Mix) MP3

Moonchild-V.O.A.T MP3

Donna Giles-And I'm Telling You MP3


More Wigan Pier!!

Decided to convert some more Wigan Pier tapes from my collection,very time consuming but i think these tapes need to out there.This one for all the Pier heads out there,like me!!Lots of people requesting them (speedy snail!) so gonna get stuck in!These tapes are well n truly rare these days so i hope u all enjoy!!

Wigan Pier-Lee Turner 26.11.93 side A MP3

Side B 26.11.93-MP3

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Retro Rewind presents "The Italian Connection"

Heres another chunk of the finest Italian to rock our clubs.Labels such as Discomagic,X-Energy,Hi-Bias,Inside Out Recording etc providing these timeless masterpieces!!Enjoy!1

System-Dont Stop MP3

Debbe Cole-Feel Free MP3

Last Rhythm-Last Rhythm(Club Mix) MP3

J.K-You Make Me Feel Good (Disco Mix) MP3

Electric Choc-Shock The Beat MP3

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Retro Rewind Brings You the Best of British!!

The Italians weren't the only ones producing awesome house.early british rave was also causing mayhem on the dancefloor!Band such as N-joi, Together,L.F.O, M.A.N.I.C,etc(all Norhern may i add!)Enjoy!!

Together-Hardcore Uproar MP3

LFO-LFO(Leeds Warehouse Mix) MP3

N Joi-Anthem MP3

M.A.N.I.C-I'm Coming Hardcore MP3

Friday, 29 May 2009

Retro Rewind Breakdown Heaven!!

Remember thoe clubbing days when everybody waited for those massive breakdowns,well wait no more, heres a selection of some of those tunes with breakdowns that will go down as some of the finest house tracks to grace our clubs!

Golden Girls-Kinetic(Frank De Wulf Remix)MP3

Slo Moshun-Bells of N.Y MP3

Taiko-Echo Drop (Hard mix) MP3

Hysterix-Talk to Me (Sashas Full on mix)MP3

Delta Lady-Anything You Want(Delta Dub Charge Mix))MP3